Photo of Deck built with SmartDeck

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New Engineered Building Technology


Planning to add outdoor living space to your home this year? Why not do it right? Imagine an elevated concrete deck, enclosed with decorative aluminum railing with glass panels.


  • Engineered
  • Concrete Deck
  • Steel pile support
  • Reinforced or post tension slabs
  • Environmental friendly construction
  • Architecturally appointed


  • Constructed in just two days
  • No excavation or backfilling
  • Maintenance Free
  • No splinters or rot
  • Real value added to the home

For more details please refer to our SMARTDECK - Elevated Concrete Decks page.

Photo of small home addition

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Planning to build an addition to your home? Whether is a small 100 square foot or 1,000 square foot addition, we have some new technology for you that will save you time and money!

Keep It Simple

Now you can have an insulated concrete slab-on-grade foundation ready to build on in
just one Day!

This substructure is supported on helix piers without massive excavation or trenching. Whether it is a one storey or three storey.


  • Engineered
  • Steel Pile Support
  • Insulated
  • Reinforced or post tension slabs
  • Environmental friendly construction


  • Constructed in just one day!
  • No Excavation or Backfilling
  • No Removal of earth off site
  • No Forms
  • A Concrete Foundation and a Concrete Slab in one!

For more details please refer to our SMARTFOUNDATION - Concrete Slab Foundations page.


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Buying a new Home? -If you are buying a new home or custom building a home you will want to consider all of the upgrades that will benefit you and your family both now and in the future.

Plan for your premium living space now by upgrading your home to include a SMARTBASEMENT ... the best foundation waterproofing and drainage system available!

Up to 90% of the dampness in the basement comes from trapped water below the basement floor. The key to keeping a healthy dry basement is managing the water around the basement walls and under the basement floor slab.
Only a SMARTBASEMENT does both!

A SMARTBASEMENT upgrade package includes:

  • Upgrade from damp proofing to waterproofing
  • Upgrade to an engineered drainage system
  • Upgrade to a revolutionary Sump Pit & Pump
  • 24/7 toll free support line
all for less cost than fixing a single leak!

For more details please refer to our SMARTBASEMENT - Premium Foundation Waterproofing page.
Then, ask your builder about upgrading your new home's foundation waterproofing to a SMARTBASEMENT