Exterior WaterproofingExterior Waterproofing

Engineering Case Studies

Environmental Clean-Up

When contaminated soil threatened the living space above, we were called to provide the solution that best suited the scenario. In lieu of underpinning, our team used helical piers to support the weight of the entire house while the contaminated soil was removed.

Interior Waterproofing

Communications Tower

This 180 foot, free standing media tower was installed in Aberdeen. We engineered a cost effect solution for the foundation. The result was a concrete pad support 6 (qty) triple blade helix piers. The Helix piers were installed in just one day.

Sump pit and pumpSump pit and pump

Wall Collapse

Foundation Failure
Approximately 80 lineal feet of a foundation failed when a contractor removed abandoned oil tanks on a commercial plaza in Lacey, WA. The building was temporarily shored, a reinforced grade beams was constructed supported on 32 kip helix piers and tie backs. The repair work was completed in just 5 days!